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30 Day Crunch (Squat, Push Up) Challenge - Day 3



How's everyone doing? I completely forgot about doing this before work so I'll be doing mine tonight.

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Re: 30 Day Crunch (Squat, Push Up) Challenge - Day 3

  • Doing good. I do it first this in the morning. Today was kind of hard. I hit a wall at 27 and pushed through.

    I'm only doing crunches this month
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    I did mine when I got up this morning (crunches and pushups).  When I was doing the pushups our dog decided that would be a good time to stick his nose in my armpit and sniff intensely.  He was not being helpful.

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  • Haven't done anything yet today. Must move my body.
  • Doin' mine after work! I did some of the squats whilst trying to get the wee one to sleep. My thighs are a burnin'!
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