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Hi ladies!

I love my smoothies in the morning, and when I have a little bit more time (ie not rushing to work) I like to use my juicer.

Does anybody have any good ingredient ideas for juicing? This AM I did carrots, green apple, cucumber, and kale.

Also do you have a fav juicer? I know all I hear about is the breville but holy expensive! Right now I have a hand-me-down black and decker that needs to be replaced.  

Re: Juicing?

  • annksawannksaw member
    Thanks! That sounds delicious. I always forget to add ginger but I do have some in the fridge. 
  • My fav combo is green apple, pear, celery, & lemon. So, so good! 

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  • hecklethecklet member
    I may be the odd one here but I actually love beets in my juiced drinks. Beets with some fruit (apples, oranges etc) delicious.
  • I make a blueberry pomegranate watermelon and orange one. I mix it with some sparkling water and drink it pool side lol

    The juice bible is an amazing book. Lots of recipes and gives a breakdown of the benefits of each fruit and veggie 

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