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I met BMs boyfriend

On Friday as I pulled up to BMs there was a work truck in the drive and I assumed it was BFs.  As I walked to the door I could see him sitting on the sofa in the living room.

SS flung the door open and practically shouted 'come in phantom I have a surprise for you' lol.  He marched me into the living room and announced this is 'D' while pointed at BMs boyfriend.  Both BM and I were cracking up!  Poor D looked a bit like a rabbit in the headlights.

Anyhow D seems like a lovely guy.  He was really polite and friendly.  He's quite handsome and on first impressions, I really like him!

BM seemed chilled and very happy and we all chatted for a while. 

BM was over complimentary about me as a SM, saying how SS is a lucky boy and how I am so good to him etc.  BM sister even got in on the act (the sister who is usually sour and never has a good word to say about anyone!)

I felt it was for BFs benefit, as in, see SPs love their Skids!  Maybe I'm wrong and I should just take the compliment.

I was telling DH and he said he already likes D despite never meeting him, simply because he has not heard from BM since January!.

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Re: I met BMs boyfriend

  • Your husband's response made me lol.
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  • I'm pretty sure my DH would say something like that too.  LOL.

    If I were you, I would not overthink it and just take the compliment.  In my situation I would be ecstatic to hear BM say something like that, no matter what the circumstances.

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  • bebe11bebe11 member
    I am glad you like him!  It is funny how when someone is happy (your BM) they don't cause as many problems or make a big deal about things.  I hope he is a keeper.  I assume your SS likes him too?


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