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    Three.  Two in their 30s and one in her 60s.  I haven't heard it on any little children around here.  It's a lovely name, particularly with Elisabeth.  Go for it!
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    I love the name Claire and have only known 2
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    I know 1 Claire (just born!) and 1 Clara. 
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    I know a Claire and a Clara, both under age 1.
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    manda26manda26 member


    one in her 70's (an Aunt)

    one in her 20's (friends sister)


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    It was my #1 name for DD2 but DH vetoed it.

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    My best friend's middle name is Claire (Jillian Claire), but she's the only one I know, and it's her middle.  I think it's gorgeous.
    (+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
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    One. She's about 10. I love the name!
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    I know 3. One is 2, one is 18, and one is in 40's.

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    I love Claire!
    I'm trying to think ... I know one who's now in college and I know several little Claires online but am having a hard time thinking of any I know IRL.
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    vulpinivulpini member
    I know one who is in her mid-20s
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    I know 3 that are 7 and under. That doesn't include the Claras, of which I know 2.
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    I think that's pretty. I know 1 Claire. She is my age (mid 30s) 
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    I know several Lily Claires but no little girl Claires. 

    But my son's preschool class of only 12 has two Francescas and two Josies, but no Avas, Ellas, Sophias, etc. So, you just never know... 

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    I know 1 Claire, she's early 30's. I don't know what her middle name is.

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    I live in VA and know three Claires, and two of them are Claire Elizabeths. LOL. Ages are 7, 5, and 4.
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