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Please recommend some fitteds!

We are moving away from pockets since our repelling issue is never getting solved. Right now I'm just using all the shells as covers over prefolds. Sad because I loved pockets but hey, no more stuffing!  I would really like to get more fitteds now. 

Currently only have a few we use for overnights (TT, Bububebe, Sbish).  Since I'll need quite a few I'd like something a little less expensive than those.  Any and all brands you can rattle off to me are appreciated!

ETA:  Are there any Sbish diapers that stay soft?  I have a couple of their OBF fitteds and I want to love them, but they get so rough, even when I put them in the dryer.

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Re: Please recommend some fitteds!

  • No experience, but these are what I have in my stash right now: Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds, Kissaluvs Fitteds, and Diaper Rite fitteds (seem similar to GMD workhorses). 
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  • In case you do want more OBFs, they have some on sale without the extra doubler right now for 17 bucks.

    Mine has stayed soft, but I have only had it for 3 months.

    The only other fitteds I have are a tots bots bamboozle and an imagine bamboo. The sbish is definitely my favorite.

    Oh, I did just get a kiwi pie during the grovia sale, but haven't finished prepping it yet so I can't really comment on anything other than how stinking cute it is!
  • GMD workhorses and Pooters hemp or bamboo fitteds are some nice ones that are reasonably priced. If you're buying from GMD, I'd go ahead and get some Clotheez doublers to use in fitteds. It you're not buying from GMD, I'd get Hemp Babies doublers.

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  • I have a Sbish Happy Little Cloud fitted and it stays pretty soft compared to the OBFs.  I want to get a Velour Happy Little Cloud because I think it would be even softer.

    ETA: Monkey Snuggles.

  • I like grovia kiwipie. Try using ecover softener with you sbish obfs. It works great!
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  • oh man my most favorite fitted is from a WAHM in Texas.

    it's at least worth the look or convo with the maker!


  • image clhali:
    I like grovia kiwipie. Try using ecover softener with you sbish obfs. It works great!


    I want to try a kiwipie soooo bad!


  • Twinkie Tush


    Sbish OBFs

    Tangerine Baby

    Little Boppers

    Muttaqin Baby

    Pianissimo Cloth


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