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Ayla Grace

What does everyone think of the name Ayla. Pronounced A-LA, not EYE-LA. My husband does not like the fact that she would have to correct people all the time because Ayla is how you spell both names?


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Re: Ayla Grace

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    I like it and pronounce it the way you want.
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    I keep wanting to pronounce it "ahyala"
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    I have to agree with your husband. Sorry. 
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    the fact that you had to explain the difference on here should give you the first hint...i would hate having to correct people all the time. 

    think of her in school going through attendence everyday or meeting people or job annoying!


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    We know two little Aylas who have no pronunciation issues.

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    I have a niece named Aylah.  (pronounced the same way)  She's the only one in her class with that name!  I love it....unique yet not too different :)
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    I have to agree with your husband. Sorry.nbsp;

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    I don't mind it and it would never occur to me to pronounce it like Isla. Two completely different names.
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