Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


Today I did something more then just lay on the couch and sleep. I cleaned my upstairs. It was exhausting and I kept thinking the entire time about the baby and fact I am not pregnant. Self medicated with some mc Donald's afterwards :/ I go back to work tomorrow. Really going to be hard to tell everyone and try to not cry but at the same time I miss taking care of my patients so it will be nice to get back for that reason. Hope everyone else is slowly but surely getting back to "life" each day will get easier. I switch from being really mad bc I wanted that pregnancy to looking forward to trying again.

Re: Today

  • I agree I was taken off best rest last thu..thur and fri were jam packed full of errands and stuff...I was whopped...after doing nothing for 2 weeks and gaining 6 pounds I'm ready to shed this and more....I also went back to work sun and my paatients and coworkers were glad to see me. That was a pooped day too and my gut was still hurting.
  • Thinking of you and hoping your return to work went OK today. 
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