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positive D&C story

LMP was 1/15...Our first appointment was 3/21 and I was told I was measuring small at 6 weeks, 4/5 confirmed no heartbeat measuring only 6 weeks 2 days.

We've waited for the natural m/c but my numbers were going up and not much was going on. After several more ultrasounds and continued confirmation of the pregnancy loss, we scheduled the d/c (which will allow them to test for molar pregnancy).

Last night they inserted a laminaria to start the dilation process and the initial pinch of that and the cramping later that night was the worst part. Today, after the D&C I feel fine, no pain at all. Since it was a Catholic Hospital, they said a blessing in the operating room over the remains and the remains will be buryed in a Catholic Cemetary. We'll be invited to a memorial mass later this year. We were given a seashell to commerate the blessing.

 I felt very cared for and everyone said "I'm sorry for your loss" which is helpful to hear when you haven't told anyone you know.

So, for anyone who may (unfortunately) be facing this procedure themselves, hopefully it won't be all that bad (physically)

Re: positive D&C story

  • I had a similar experience after my DnC last month.  I was pretty tired after the procedure but felt fine.  I didn't start to bleed until a few days later and I would have described it as a medium flow.  The cramps were also pretty minimal as well.  I had a few some nights, but I think I only took a tylenol once. 
  • Good to know...I didn't really consider the worst us yet to come...but hopefully I will continue to do okay and be one of the lucky ones in this sense
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  • That is a really sweet story and wonderful way to memorialize your baby. I'm glad you had a good experience, but am certainly sorry you had to go through it.
  • Its nice to have this here. A positive story is always nice to here.

    I am so sorry for your loss but happy that it wasn't a horror story for you. I love the way they memorialized yours baby, its beautiful. You seem to be at peace with it. That's wonderful
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  • I'm getting there, and the procedure going smoothly helped, as time has, it's been almost a month since I got the bad news...time heals all.

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