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Cloth Diapering

I love Craigslist!

I just got 10 covers, 18 MF inserts, 5 gDiaper inserts, and 8 hemp liners for $45! All I have to do is strip them.  Some of the covers are brands I've not heard of, but even if all I can use are the inserts, I still think I made out like a bandit. 

Now for my question.  Washing with blue Dawn in hot water should do the stripping trick, right? The ones I'm most excited about getting are the hemp liners and the gDiaper & inserts.

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Re: I love Craigslist!

  • yep! Just do a bunch of rinses. 


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    Awesome find.
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  • OMG  you bought these from ME! I hope they work out for you. I was too bitter to bother with stripping.
  • Lol that is too funny!
                    We're Going to be a Family of 5!

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    I am on my way to the librAry. I have a silver Buick. I tried the number you gave me and it didn't work. Sorry my phone is acting up and I can't send outgoing emails!
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    This is hilarious.
    Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste,
    It all revolves around you.
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