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Hello Everyone

Hi there, I'm 24 years old, and I've been with my husband for 5 years (married for 1 1/2). We have been wanting children for years now, and it is finally that time. We both have great jobs, and are settled in to our first home.

Before I say anything else, I want to make sure everyone knows that I'm not a complainer. I know there are people in here that have been trying much, much longer than I have. I respect each and every one of you. I look forward to celebrating with you and/or encouraging you. 

I know all of our bodies are different, but I was hoping to get some advice.  I just got off the pill after finishing my last pack in February this year. I had my "normal" cycle, and then a week later I had a longer, heavier cycle (sorry if that is tmi).. It has now been 2 months since I've had a cycle. I have taken 2 tests so far, and they are both negative. I was on the pill a year and a half so I'm not exactly sure what is normal for my body. I talked to my dr, and she said I'm still adjusting.. I'm sure that's true. But is it weird to go 2 months without a cycle?

I know that stress doesn't help so I've been trying not to think too much about it. I do admit that I am slightly paranoid though.. My mom had to go through many hormone treatments, and a miscarriage in 8 years before she had me.. I'm a "test tube" baby.. I know I'm not my mom, and the rest of my family is pretty fertile. I'm just not sure what to think or do at this point.

I have been taking prenatals since December, and eating healthier/exercising. 

I'd like to start charting, etc.. but I have no idea when my cycle is or when I ovulate. 

Sorry for the length of this message. Thanks in advance for any advice. I really appreciate it.

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    Welcome, around here we call our "cycle" a period.

    A menstrual cycle is the time from day one of your period to day one of your next period. 

    When I first started TTC I also had a two month cycle, your body will sometimes be wonky after coming off the pill.  I did start charting at the end of that cycle because I was fed up with not knowing what my body was doing.  It was definitely worth it.  

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    Welcome. These ladies answered your question, so, GL!
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    If you go 60 days without a period, call your doctor and get a prescription for progesterone to jump-start it.

    Also- if your screen name is your last name, you might want to consider making a new account since you put your first name out there too.  

    Is that healthy? I was told to stay away from soy products because of plant hormones.. I figured progesterone cream wouldn't be good either.

    Thanks for letting me know, I removed my name from the post. 

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    I really appreciate everyone being so nice and helpful. I haven't told my friends/family that we are trying because I don't want them constantly asking me about it... Or for them  to try to discourage me. My husband is supportive, but I've really needed someone to talk to.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    I wasn't TTC when I went off birth control I just stopped taking it but it took me at least 6 months if not, longer to have regular cycles again.

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    Welcome and GL!
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