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Any success with Metformin, Follistim and Ovidrel?

Hi all! I am 28, DH is 33. I have mild PCOS. Recently had laparoscopy to have endometriosis and uterine polyp removed. All clear! DH is good to go as far as we know. Just started Metformin, will be starting injections as soon as AF comes (hopefully this week after I stop the progesterone). We will do IUI #2, had one failed IUI last year before we knew about all of my issues. Just wondering if anyone has an advice/suggestions and of course, success stories are always welcome! Any issues with Follistim or Ovidrel? I seem to be tolerating Metformin surprisingly well despite all the horror stories I have heard. Would love to hear from you all!


Re: Any success with Metformin, Follistim and Ovidrel?

  • Did your husband get tested?  My sister had success with iui#2.  Good luck!
    Married 12-12-04
    TTC since 07
    me-36 PCOS, Tubal Problems, and polyps removed 7-12
    DH - 36 extremely handsome and no fertility problems
    IUI 8-12 and 9-12 failed
    IVF 12-21-2012 - 2 I think perfect no matter what the dr graded them (2B)embryos transferred Beta on 12-31-12 Positve - Beta is 21
    Beta 2 1-2-13 - 31
    Beta 3 1-4-13 - 53
    Beta 4 1/9 - 212!
    Ultrasound 1/10 - Nothing completely empty uterus Beta 1/14 - 743; Beta 1/17 - 1704 ultrasound shows nothing. Officially a miscarriage. 1/21 Beta 3900 Dr. says it ectopic. Ultrasound shows a miracle heartbeat right in the uterus where it belongs! Dr. says I can be cautiously optomistic!!! Hang in there baby!
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  • Wow-that's great! Hopefully #2 will work for us, too. Yes, hubby had a few SAs. Started out a little weak, but the last one was good. Good count, pretty good morphology. Also went to a urologist and had some tests. Fertility doc isn't concerned about him. Only me! lol
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  • I had success with my first round of injectables: Gonal-F and Ovidrel.  I had done many cycles of Clomid and this was our 5th IUI but first with injectables and I now have almost 6 mo old twins. I was also on Metformin.


    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
    Emerson Lily 6 lbs 13 oz & Ellis Willow 6 lbs 9 oz

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