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O and Bloating

Does anyone else experience extreme bloating a few days leading up to and including O? On top of that, I get these breakouts that make me feel like I'm in high school again. The past 5 months of charting have been great and I'm learning a lot from my body but goodness, I'm a hormonal wreck!

I hate those days where I seriously feel like I've gained 10 pounds and then I see my crosshairs and think "Oh, right".

Oh, hormones...why must you haunt me!? Hopefully I'm not alone in these feelings...



Re: O and Bloating

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    No on the bloat, but I'm with ya on the breakouts. I currently have a zit so big on my chin, if it keeps growing I'm gonna have to get it a birth certificate when it pops.
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    Yes!! You are not alone. The one that effects me most is hormones... I am so irrationally emotional. Poor DH looked at me last night and said "I love you, and am prepared for the next year or so to be crazy"I said why and he responded with "You are a little unbalanced" LOL at least he is understanding!! The bloating thing is normal for me as well.. Yay for the big O

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    This doesn`t sound fun.  I definetly have the days where I feel like I am 10 extra pounds than the previous day.  Womanhood can suck!
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