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DS #1 is Cooper Thomas [one syllable last name starts with G]

DS #2 is due in October.  My top two choices are Colton and Everett, middle name will be Richard regardless.  Opinions?  Alternate suggestions? 

I'm sort of blah about boys names this time around.  Cooper was set in stone and we both loved it from the get-go last time (it's a family name).  DH is not coming up with anything but doesn't dislike my top two.  

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Re: Boy name opinions

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    Not a fan of Colton, and Everett Richard just seems to have too many Rs for me. Other options could be Chase, Ethan, or Bennett

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    I like both names. I prefer Colton but have issues with giving my children names that start with the same letter so I would probably choose Everett. Just a weird quirk of mine.
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    hmp1hmp1 member

    I have a Leo Richard. Of your two, I like Everett. 

    I know a sibset Cooper and Austin. 

    James Sawyer 12.3.10
    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

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    Everett was our boy name, my vote goes to that.
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    Everett is okay, not a fan of Colton.

    What about Owen, Samuel, Logan, Nicholas, Sawyer, or Gavin?

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    I really love the name Everett, and I don't love Copper and Colton together, so Everett gets my vote!
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    I like the name Everett but not with mn Richard.

    Colton is NMS.

    If you're set on Richard as the mn what about

    Colin Richard
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    I like Everett Richard!
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