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    CAileenCAileen member
    My mn is Aileen and I've always loved the way it flows with my fn/ln

    I have a lot of women in my life, so off the top of my head: Marie, Sheila, Elisabeth, Jane, Dora, Lee, Renee, Hazel, Joy, Ann, Mary, Lynn, Joslin, Jo

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    Mine is Erin (and now also my maiden name, for a double MN)

    Close family/friends: Nichole, Leigh, Louise, Elizabeth (several of these, actually), Evelyn, Diane, Reilly, Beth. 

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    This kid may not have a lot of bowel, but he has plenty of guts! 
    DS born at 34 weeks with (surprise!) gastroschisis turned short bowel syndrome.
    131 days in the NICU, 7 trips to the OR, G-button, daily TPN....
    We are impatiently awaiting the day we can say goodbye to his girlfriend Ivy for good.
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    Marie-Which had been used in my family for years and years

    Same here.  

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