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Recommend boy summer toys!

We have been given guardianship of my nephew who is two.  I have three girls, and also have custody of his little sister.  I need some good ideas for outdoor toys for him.  I am honestly quite clueless.  We do live in Miami, so they could be used year round.

Re: Recommend boy summer toys!

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    I don't know of anything that is strictly "boy" toys.  My kids seem to love the same things right now.  

    Swing set/Slide

    Sand box (although, since you live in Miami the beach may be enough, in that case sand toys for the beach)


    Water Table


    T-Ball set, kids Basketball hoop, kids golf set

    Bubbles, chalk, balls....

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    In addition to what PP said, garden "tools" or a wagon

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    My son will turn 2 on Memorial Day, so he is getting outside toys for his birthday. In addition to some of the things that were mentioned above, we are considering a slide, bubble mower, and inflatable pool. He has an adjustable basketball goal that he plays with in the house. It will get moved outside as well.
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    My son loves his sand and water table, as well as ride-ons for outside.
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