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Travel with the Twins??

Okay so we are going on two pretty major trips this summer! I usually use pocket diapers during the day and AIO or prefolds at night. My girls have never really been in a regular diaper.. Should I try before our switch or just do cloth on our trip?? I put trip details below:


Trip A Driving 2 days to California to stay with family for 4 days driving 2 days back


Trip B Flying to Ohio Staying 6 days with family flying back


Thank you!!!

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Re: Travel with the Twins??

  • If you've got regular access to washers, I'd stay in cloth for both trips.  I just don't find it that difficult since I follow my same washing routine on trips.

    Now when we go to the Middle East to visit DH's family, we'll use disposables because I seriously question if the "washing machine" they use actually cleans anything....  My clothes always end up worse for the wear after washing them there.  I'm not risking the CDs.

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  • I've done cloth on all of our trips. If that's what you decide to do...use prefolds! They are rather space efficient.
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  • It's really up to you.  If you have access to a washer and dryer on both trips and you feel comfortable with cloth, stick with it.

    That being said, if space is at a premium for both trips, you might want to consider disposables and covers.  Pocket diapers take up a good amount of space when traveling.  I tend to pack my prefolds and covers when we go to visit relatives on the weekends.  It saves space in her overnight bag. 

  • With twins space would be the biggest thing. If you have enough for 2 days on the road, do cloth, otherwise plan on sposies for at least the travel days. Tip-use a diaper cover over the sposie to prevent blowouts.
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