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DH and I have decided on Pockets. I was originally trying to stay with the cheaper brands (Kawaii, Sunbaby, Alva ect) but after going back to the cloth diapering store we have opened our budget to include some of the more expensive and possibly better quality. I plan on trying Bumgenius, Charlie Banana, and Kawaii once LO is here and see what works best with his body. Are there any other brands you ladies can recommend we try. We are looking for OS and understand that they will not fit our newborn.
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  • Eh, buy what you find. I have mostly Kawaii and a Mini Maestro, which is fine but not "OMG! Order it from anywhere it's so awesome!" fine.

    Really, it's likely that one of the Kawaii, Sunbaby, or Alva will work just fine for you. Don't assume more $ = more quality. For example, Bum Genius uses terrible aplix. It will wear out well before a Kawaii aplix diaper, despite costing 3 x as much. 

  • I really like my Fuzzibunz Elite's because they're so trim. They're great if you have a small LO.
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  • Kawaii Pure and Natural are great and low cost, but only fit to around 22lbs I think...

    We primarily use prefolds for home because they're easy and cheap. For daycare we have totsbots easy fit, blueberry, and BG 4.0 pockets. All of them work well. I like the totsbots best because the insert stays attached and I find it easier to stuff... But they're a little more pricey than the BG's. A lot of people also like Fuzzibunz Elite, so maybe check in to those!
  • I'm really obsessed with Smart Snugs right now.  Wish they were my whole stash.  They have 3 kinds at different.  I love the Nature Snug which has a charcoal bamboo lining.  The inserts are the most absorbent I have tried.  After a long nap you can barely tell if it's wet or not.  I love them!
  • I have BumGenius, Kawaii, and Alva OS pockets. I wanted to try Sunbaby, but I already have 32 OS diapers, which is way more than we need.
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  • I have tried over 15 different diapers now, and i recommend buying a few different brands to see what works best for you. I love fuzzibunz elite because they're trim enough to go under jeans without upsizing and they fit our skinny LO at 9 days (7.5 lbs). Bumgenius with snaps are amazing, but like pp said, their aplix is garbage. My other favourite is simplex AIO, but it has fold out soaker to dry quicker and a pocket to add extra absorbency. 
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  • It depends a lot on the shape of LO.  DD was long and lean and our favorite pockets were BG 4.0 snaps, Baby Kicks, and we also had some Blueberries (they have a lot more room in the pockets, so I liked them for sleeping, more room to double stuff).  
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