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My sister has a boy who is turning one this summer, but he's closer to the size of a chubby 18-month-old. She uses sposies, but since they'll be in the water literally every day this summer, she wants to get him a cloth swim diaper.

What swim diaper would you recommend for a chubby, tall baby boy that will work well from now until late September? I have no idea what to recommend since DD will only be in the water a couple of times so I'll just use an empty flip cover on her. Thanks!

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Re: Swim Diaper Recs

  • I've been looking into swim diapers a bit, and Kushies, Bummis Swimmi, Applecheeks, and Imse Vimse all have decent reviews on Amazon.  I don't have any advice regarding his particular size though.  

    Would it work for her to just buy a pocket or cover?  I think I asked about swim diapers on here a few weeks ago and a lot of people said they just used a pocket diaper without the insert.

  • I have both bummis and mother-ease. I prefer the mother ease because of the snaps (no snagging velcro). Look for one that comes undone on both sides, because pulling a poopy diaper down the legs is a huge mess.
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  • I went with an AppleCheeks swim diaper.  I actually have the size 1 and size 2 for my daughter.  I'm not sure how it will fit a chubby legged baby (my daughter is a skinny mini). 

  • DD is chunky and I recently bought the Bummis Swimmi. I agree the velcro can snag under a suit, but we don't put anything over it she just swims in her swim shirt and the diaper cause I like to show it off :). So in that way it works for us, but if she does want it under swim trunks I'd tend to agree and go with something that unsnaps, otherwise the fit is perfect for my chunky monkey.
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  • I love our iplay swim diapers. Our public pools require a swimming suit over a swim diaper, so I prefer the basic white side snap swim diaper. I especially like being able to pull it up and down for a toddler. I do have a Bummis Swimmi, and the Velcro does tend to snag. The iplay has a bit of absorbency, which is nice for before you get in the water. Plus the diaper is only 10.
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