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Which of these should I buy?

DD is 5 months old on Thursday, so only one more month before we start solids and the easy poop-in-the-washer diapers go away :(

I'm only about $100 from getting a $50 gift certificate from Kelly's Closet, so I want to get a sprayer from there.  These are the ones they have...

1) Aquaus Diaper Sprayer with Stainless Steel Hose ($59.95)

2) BG Sprayer ($59.95)

3) Knickernappies Sprayer ($43.99)

4) Blueberry FLO Sprayer ($54.95)

The BG and Knickernappies sprayers both have 4/5 stars on the website, but half the reviews are in the "I hate it, this sprayer sucks" camp, and the other half think it's the best thing ever.  The Aquaus has 5/5 stars, but only one reviewer.  Blueberry has 3.5/5 stars, but reviews are also half and half.

Also curious about the Sigma sprayer that's on superstash, if anyone has any experience with that one.   And I read some posts a few days ago that had the link for making your own diaper sprayer... But I'm not sure that I'm that handy.

I'm so confused... I don't understand how half of the population thinks a sprayer is awesome, and half of them say it leaks/breaks/etc!  Is it user error?  I don't want to waste $50 on something that is going to leak all over my bathroom or stop spraying after a month.  Thanks ladies!  

Re: Which of these should I buy?

  • I have the Knickernappies Sprayer. It was easy to install (I did it myself), has a shut off valve and pressure adjustments. Mine does drip a little after I use it. We have tile flooring in our bathroom, so I'm not that concerned with it to call and ask for a replacement.
  • I have the knickernappies sprayer and have been very happy with it. I spray it again after I shut it off and then shake it to get all the water out and haven't had any leaks or drips.
  • We had the bum genius and I did love it for a while.  I think it lasted about a year before it started leaking quite terribly.  My husband wound up buying a kitchen sprayer and replacing it using some of the bum genius parts.
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