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Question about Daycare feeding baby

Ok this may sound like a stupid question but I'm a FTM about to put DD in daycare...

She is 5 months and formula fed.  Up until a few weeks ago I fed on demand.  So she pretty much created her feeding schedule.  Well since it was pretty consistent, I now just feed her when she wakes (7:30-8), 12, 4 and bedtime 7PM.  I no longer wait for her to indicate she is hungry, but she finishes the bottle each time I offer. And she STTN 11-12 hours so I know she is eating well.

Will daycare feed her on demand? Or should I ask them to continue this schedule? Obviously if she seems hungry prior to these times they should feed her.  I'm not sure if they generally feed babies on demand or based on schedule.

Thanks! I'll be a working mama in a few weeks so look forward to joining you ladies! 

Re: Question about Daycare feeding baby

  • Ours does whatever you want them to.  I would write out her schedule for them.


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  • I had to fill out a schedule of baby's habits monthly. This included feeding, naps, skills, habits (pacifier), etc...The DC will try to stick to your schedule.
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  • Every daycare I interviewed was willing to keep the baby on whatever schedule I set as long as baby was doing well on it. If that meant a solid "every 3 hours, no earlier" schedule or a "feed on demand" schedule, they were fine as long as baby didn't scream for long periods of time due to hunger. They would talk with me if they thought the schedule wasn't working or needed adjustment.
  • They will do wahtever you want in most cases. We did on-demand, and they were grateful for that, because unless requested they get all the kids on a schedule (feed-> change ->nap-> play-> repeat...etc.)  so that they don't have ten kids crying at the same time.  They offered a bottle every two hours, and if he ate great, if not, they would wait to offer again.  I don't think he ever had to cry to be fed there.
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