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A/S for the boys today

We're excited but at the same time I am getting a touch worried. My MIL told me that DH was born with a hole in his heart. It fixed itself by age 4 but I'm now starting to freak out that it may be genetic and we might have to shelter the one and get him checked more than the other.

Yay Mommy freak outs. :(

Worst part: there may or may not be a doctor present today to review results, so I may have to wait over a week to find out my results

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The Benes Boys were born 9/3/13! woooo

Re: A/S for the boys today

  • Good luck! I'm sure everything is fine! :D
  • My eldest had a hole in his heart at birth;  he's four now and it closed-up by our last check just shy of 3.

    They saw it on his 20 week ultrasound and said that it is fairly common and not to worry.  We checked it out around 34 weeks and saw it was still there and did US shortly after he was born to see if it was still there.  It was considered completely innocent and it was checked with US about every 6 or so months until it healed on its own.

    I was assured that the reason they even knew about it was a leap is ultrasound tech and that the medical community believes that it happens way more frequently than they are even to see. Also, I was assured that there is no statistical correlation between between having a hole in the heart at birth that heals itself and any other heart concern - long term or otherwise. 

    Hope this helps put your mind at ease in the unlikely event one of your boys has a concern. 

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  • good luck! chances are everything will be fine.

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  • Try not to freak out!  I know that's way easier said than done :-)  Hopefully everything will turn out fine!
  • well, they didn't say anything was wrong, and there were a few things they want to look at again. the heart is one. dh grew out of his too... And reading that before the u/s really

    So we were ready to leave, feeling wonderful and happy that everything was great... And the mfm says "well, ultrasounds only catch one of two defects anyways." I went from super confident to crushed. but that's okay.. still excited nothing looked wrong

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    Eat your food people. You are pregnant, not made of glass. ~PrimRoseMama
    The Benes Boys were born 9/3/13! woooo
  • I'm glad all seemed well and that they are growing well!  That's an insensitive comment for an mfm to say given all the crazy stuff he sees... I'd have been pretty shocked
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  • I hate that they do that!  We only get a minute to feel like there is no need to worry and then they make these comments that drive you nuts. 

    We have to go back to look at the hearts as well.  Neither one of the babies wanted to cooperate and stay still. From what I understand going back to get better pics of the heart is pretty common so try not to let them steal your joy!  


  • This is a lot more common than you think. I was also born with a hole in my heart and had what they called "spontaneous closure" before I was 2 I believe. My mom had open heart surgery when she was 8 years old. Because of these two factors, I got a fetal echo cardiogram with my daughter and will have one again with these babies as well. It's just precautionary and they don't expect to find anything, but it will ease my mind. Perhaps you can talk to your doctor about getting one since you have family history? Either way, enjoy seeing your boys and keep us posted! :)
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