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Can't wait

Hey all,

I'm new to ttc. I just recently stopped taking the pill. I'm not sure when I'll be ovulating , but I have started charting already. I'm totally type a so I've found all the information I can. I'm wondering how many of you are sharing that you and your husbands or partners are ttc and who you are sharing it with.

To me it seems kind of private, but I'm having a birthday party next week and I don't want to drink or explain why I'm not...

Any advice for a newbie would be great!

Re: Can't wait

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    The drinking question is easy. Don't explain why you're not drinking. You don't owe anyone an explanation. (I'm in the camp of not lying and making up excuses, personally.) But an even easier answer is to drink if you want to. You're not pregnant yet. 

    Welcome & good luck. Did you check out the newbie link and TTGP blog yet?

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    If you aren't pregnant, you're allowed to have a drink.


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    Welcome to the board!
    Yes you can drink while TTC maybe just not excess I don't, but most ladies do. If you choose not to, like someone else said you don't need to explain yourself. If someone questions and you feel uncomfortable just say you are trying to be healthy.

    I am the type that doesn't care if people know we are trying. We don't advertise it but I've never hid it if asked. Makes life pretty easy and I've met others in the same boat as me because of being open.

    Explore the board, check out the Newb blog and there is a glossary to the left. Temping and OPKs can help you determine O.

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    Welcome to the board.

    A lot of women here aren't sharing with anyone that they're trying.

    Also, there's no reason why you can't drink while TTC. If you just don't want to, that's fine, but you don't HAVE to stop.

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    Hi, welcome to the board. :-)
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    Have a drink or two if you want.  Seriously, I'm on cycle day 4 and I'm presently enjoying  a mixed drink. I had a dissapointing cycle...I earned it. 

    The only people who know we are ttc are our closest friends.  

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    We are pretty much secretly TTC. However, I have told my mom and one good friend. I didn't tell them exactly when we would be trying just that it would be sometime in the next few months. I couldn't keep it in. I was just too excited.

    My husband doesn't want to tell a soul anything until we are pregnant and 12 weeks along.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Are those of you who are drinking drinking throughout  your cycle or only before you ovulate. Just wondering how careful I should be.

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    I have told my sister and one friend. I only did because I need their advice and support. They've both had children. I'm not drinking while ttc. If anyone asks I will just tell them I'm the dd, don't feel up to it, or whatever pops into my head. I feel as long as I act natural and like it isn't a big deal, people won't assume anything.
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    Thanks for the tips.Are those of you who are drinking drinking throughoutnbsp; your cycle or only before you ovulate. Just wondering how careful I should be.

    I've never been a heavy drinker, but I continue to have a glass or two of wine throughout my cycle if I feel like it. For anyone that's nosy enough to ask, I've told that I'm trying to cut calories and would rather splurge on a dessert.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    Are those of you who are drinking drinking throughout  your cycle or only before you ovulate. Just wondering how careful I should be.

    That's a personal decision.  The first several months of TTC, I limited myself to one or two drinks after O.  Now, 11 months in, I live my life as I would, regardless of where I am in my cycle.  I'm firmly in the "drink 'til it's pink" category.


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    Hello.  I am of the belief that TTC is no ones business besides mine and DH's.  I am much more comfortable keeping it private.  As for the drinking, I'm in the drink till it's pink camp.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Are those of you who are drinking drinking throughout  your cycle or only before you ovulate. Just wondering how careful I should be.

    I'm firmly in the "drink 'til it's pink" category.


    Me too. 

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    I do not know why you would stop drinking alcohol, but if you don't want to, then just don't.  It is no one's business.  If some nosy jerkoff asks why you're not drinking, just tell them, "I don't feel like it".

    Not that difficult.

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    I'm not telling anyone I actually know, but I do like to tell strangers just to get if off my chest - for example, the check out lady at Walgreens knows more about my fertility than my mother. I know it's a little strange, but I'm not good at keeping secrets and this is the only way I can keep myself in check :)

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