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Desperately need CD safe barrier cream

 Have you found a cream that works as a good barrier to prevent rashes?  My LO is a month old and suffers from a rash around his bum from poopy diapers.  I change him often and any time I hear him poop, but I don't always catch it.  I've had to go back to disposables several times to treat his rash with desitin.  I've tried using coconut oil, thirsties booty love, and CJ's BUTTer, but none have worked to prevent the rash, let alone treat it once it starts.  The sposies really gross me out, but I just can't stand my poor LO's red sore bum. I'm desperate for something that's going to work!

Re: Desperately need CD safe barrier cream

  • grandma el's is nice and thick
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  • Yum bum butter works well for us.
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  • I used Burts Bees diaper rash cream when Emery was little and pooping all the time.  He got a rashy bum too from the loose poops.

    It's supposedly not the best for CDs but we never had any issues with it.  It's nice and thick and white and stays on the skin pretty well like desitin does.

    It smells though, kind of medicinal. 


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  • I think Burt's Bees is pretty much the same as Desitin when it comes to cloth diaper safe  I think they're both zinc oxide based.  I've used both with DD, because that's what works.  Every time I tried something else she got rashy right away and it took forever to clear up.  Poor kid has my skin!  We use prefolds only and I boil the once a month.  I haven't had any problems with repelling.  Good luck!
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  • Another vote for Grandma El's!

    ETA: a little goes a long way 

  • We love Grandma El's and the Grovia Magic Stick!
  • Burts bees with a fleece liner always cleared up any redness for us!
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  • Thanks ladies.  I ordered some Grandma El's last night and also some Baby Bottom Better (found that rec on pinstripes and polkadots).  I hope it works!  If not, I may risk my prefolds and just use the desitin.

     To the pp who asked, yes it's just the poop.  The rash doesn't appear anywhere but right around his bum, so I'm convinced it's not caused by general wetness.  I've even used fleece liners with my prefolds, but that made no difference.

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