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BG 4.0 vs. FT

I ordered a freetime and 4.0 from the seconds sales. They messed up my order and sent me 2 freetimes. I love my freetimes. I use them for at night. For the most part they work well. The only time they leak is when he is in between snap sizes. Both of the seconds I got are velcro, so I'm hoping that will help. I wanted the 4.0 just to try. Thought it might be fun to try something new. I was also hoping it would give me another night time option. For those who have both which one do you prefer? Should I go through the hassle of returning it or just keep it?

Re: BG 4.0 vs. FT

  • I like the 4.0 more. It seems less bulky, and I have trouble getting the flaps right. But if you like the Freetime, I would just keep it.
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    They messed up my order from the seconds sale. They gave me a flip instead of a 4.0. I called customer service and left a message. They called back today, and said they were sending me the 4.0 and to just keep the flip cover. I dont know if they always do this, but it might be worth the call.

    That would be awesome! I'm gonna call! 

  • The same thing happened to me, I thought I ordered one freetime and one 4.0. I got the package today and it was two freetimes. Though when I looked at the invoice it said that I ordered two freetimes. I feel like either I'm crazy or the order changed. Either way its ok I haven tried the freetimes before so ill just go with it.  


    Eta: I just checked my order confirmation and I totally ordered two freetimes. My screw up not theirs... Sleep deprivation I suppose :( 

  • I prefer my 4.0 diapers.  I thought I'd like the FT because I wouldn't need to stuff them.   But they take longer to dry, the flaps are a little annoying to position, and I'm stuck with the inserts that are attached.

    With my pockets the covers dry over night, and I can throw the inserts in the dryer.  I can replace the microfiber with bamboo, hemp, or cotton inserts if I want. 

    I personally don't like using my pocket diapers for overnight.  I actually use a flip cover for my nighttime diapering.  I play a hemp insert doubled in the front and then a cotton prefold in the cover.  This lasts for about 11-12 hours for my daughter without any issues.  If I stuffed a pocket with this, I would probably have gapping issues.  That and I can get a better fit with just a cover.

  • I prefer the 4.0.  The FT flaps annoy me, and DD gets compression leaks in them due to the MF inserts.  I use hemp and bamboo inserts in my 4.0s.
  •  Called this afternoon. They are sending out my 4.0 tomorrow morning and I get to keep the freetime!!! Awesome!!!
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