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I am having lactation issues ever since we lost our girl. I've been trying the cabbage leaves and ibuprofen to help dry up the milk, but so far it isn't helping much. Does anyone else have any experience with this? If so when did your milk dry up? Or what helped you? Its just soooo gross to have a wet bra all the time. DH just finds it hilarious. Thanks in advance for your input!

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  • I can't really help to much with this.

    But I do believe there is some type of medicine they can give you to dry up your milk. Have you talked to your doctor?
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  • Try taking Parsley and Sage capsules. You can buy them from any health food store or Vitacost.com
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  • I forgot to mention that when you get your first period, your milk will probably dry up then. Also, for clarification purposes it's parsley capsules and sage capsules. 
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  • I haven't asked my doctor yet. I was gonna wait til my post op appt. But I will see what she says. I'll have to try the parsley thing. I already use oregano capsules as part of my daily vitamins.
  • I didn't deal with this with my two losses but what about taking Benadryl?  Might knock you out so maybe it would be best for at night.  Would also help with sleeping too.  Sorry for your loss!

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