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Oh DH...

I love my DH! Earlier today, I was very annoyed with him and his comments, but now since I've had a little time to think about it, his remarks really weren't all so bad after all. DH got onto me for letting myself go since losing the baby and made several suggestions about what I should do today with my day off. (He also remarked that I needed to join him on his new diet / workout routine so I could be in shape by the time we leave for our Carribean cruise this July. That comment slightly irks me still. I know I have some baby weight to lose, but its only been a week since we lost it! Sheesh! It's not like baby weight goes away with baby.) But on the more positive side, DH informed me that he had made an appointment at the local salon / spa for me to go in and get back to looking human again. After going in for a massage, mani, pedi, haircut, and the exciting surprise of 2 months of unlimited tanning, I have forgiven his comments. I actually feel more human now. He knew exactly what I needed! I know he's been dying to start trying again. And I think tonight he deserves some love. With all the sadness and pain we all usually read about, I figured I'd share my happy moment. =) I hope you ladies find your peace and happy moments too! You all deserve them so much after going through all this!

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  • Awesome! Sounds like a great time...That was so nice of DH...even if his remarks were hurtful I think he has only best intentions.....after my MC even though it sounds funny to say I'm looking forward to something ...but next week I can get back to the gym!!! I miss working out and I'm looking forward to hopefully geetting at least 10 of my 20 pounds off before vaccation at end of june and before we try again for LO
  • Happy moments are great moments thank you for sharing. Kudos to DH for such a sweet gesture and yes, ignore the body image comments, he has no clue what your body has gone through and had to endure. I've put on 14lbs with 2 unsuccessful pregnancies, it took a total of 6 months to put it all on so it will take some time to come off. Enjoy the pampering you deserve it!!!

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  • I think it helps to force yourself to do things you feel too unmotivated to do after you have had time to grieve. I recently forced myself to go shopping & made a hair appt & it helped a little. I realized I couldn't stay living like a hermit forever & that I needed to just go through the motions if nothing else. The mc still stings, but it gets slightly easier each day as I force myself to live life. I know it's not over yet, but it definitely helps to do something nice for yourself :)
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