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Vent bad day

I feel awful. I feel like all I am posting on this board is depressing stuff. Yuk right? We all need uplifting. So I apologize in advance to you ladies but I am home alone and really need to vent.

I got fired today. Mind you this was probably for the best. Bit it means we may have to break into our "nest egg" unless I find another job within a couple months. So this has me stressed as it is.

Its not only that though, I realize by this time with my first m/c I was beginning to have some hope. Talking to my doctor and everything I knew the chances of multiple m/c was highly unlikely and that we could try again in a couple months. This time I don't really feel that hope. I want a baby so bad. I want to try again. But I am already in the multiple m/c bracket so what's to stop me from having a third? I thought I was willing to take that risk. But am I? This time around was harder due to all the reassurance. How hard will it be next time? I can't see pictures of babies without breaking down in tears. I couldn't even make it to work this morning. I was with that company for 5 yrs. I feel like a mess and am having a hard time seeing the light at the end this time. And all this makes me feel awful because I feel like one big downer.

And here I thought I was handling everything so well. Then reality hit me.
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Re: Vent bad day

  • I am so sorry you got fired....just what you need right now. I'm glad you hear you have some savings, a lot of people don't. Sounds like you didn't have a very supportive team at your office though. Keep your chin up, and hopefully you will find work soon.
  • Oh no that is terrible! I hope you find a job soon.
    I am sorry for your losses. I hope you find peace soon and the will to try again.

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  • I am so so sorry for your bad day!  If you want- and its a big if because I completely wouldn't blame you for just saying "screw it!" you may want to look into whether or not your employer had the legal right to fire you.  I am a teacher and was concerned about being fired last week when I had to leave a rushed voice mail that was heading to the ER with a miscarriage, but my father is an attorney and reassured me that they cannot fire you if you are dealing with an illness.


    Just throwing it out there-- although i know at this point I would just say who gives a crap.


    Sending t&p your way! 

  • I can't believe it ...its only been hours since u didn't go to work...wtf!!! I get that why work for them anyway since they have treated u like *** when u need support the most....but I would stiill fight for something severence unemployment...like I said before is there any union. U need to stand up for your rights ...but yeah I wouldn't want to go back to them after the way they treated u ...I'm so sorry ...hugs...
  • I agree about looking into severance or unemployment. It doesn't sound like its legal to fire an employee with a legitimate illness or even for dealing with a death. I hope you have good luck with finding a different job quickly! ANd don't give up on trying again. DH and I just lost our 4th, and as much as it scares me to try again, the joy of finally having a baby to hold and love is so worth that risk. Sure its scary and science can give you all kinds of horrible odds, but the beauty of science is that it is constantly changing and nothing is set in stone. T&P's for you!
  • Sorry for your loss. Hope things get better soon. T & P for you.
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