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Two weeks post

I am two weeks post as of this morning, and am feeling relieved that i am finally getting back to [somewhat] normal.  I have laughed and had a good time with friends (though strangely felt guilty about that), and have gone at least 12 whole hours without crying or wanting to punch something.  When I was mc'ing I couldn't even fathom that I would ever feel this way again.  It still really really sucks, but I am now thinking more rationally in terms of the likelihood that we will eventually have a successful pregnancy (highly likely), and am feeling strong enough that I think I could survive it if it happens again because we want this so much and it is worth the pain and risk.  I hope this comes as some consolation to those have just lost or are in the process of losing their pregnancies.  

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  • Thanks for this. I am one week post MC as of today, and I am surprised to be able to say I'm feeling a little bit more like myself. I know there will be ups and downs to come, but right now I feel more clear-headed and optimistic than I would have thought possible at this point. I will always miss my LO, but I do believe I can be happy again. 
  • I agree with both of you. It does get better, and the chances are that we will go on to healthy babies. I hope with all my heart that is true for everyone here.
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  • I'm 2 weeks post MC. And I have begun to feel better also. I'm actually sitting in OB for my post D/C apt and there a 4 month old or so...and I'm not gonna jump and scream and shout. Which is better than a couple days ago....it does get better and u will have your days. ...T and P
  • Thank you for this. So many of us need to hear it.

    I am so glad your feeling better its wonderful. Its exciting when you get to that point.

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