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Recommend your Diaper Sprayer

Sorry to be repeating a frequently asked question...

After using a scraper for a while, DH and I decided it's time to invest in a diaper sprayer. My SIL recommended the BG one that she has and loves, but it is $60. Is that price worth it, or do you have a more cost friendly sprayer that works well?

I know that you can make your own, but neither DH nor I is handy enough to do that.

Mommy to N (3), J (2), and C (10 months). LO4 is due in mid-September.

Re: Recommend your Diaper Sprayer

  • I built my own for under 20
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  • We have the BG one and like it. It was a gift, though, so I didn't try too hard to save money on it. (Thanks, mom!)
  • I ordered the BG one, after trying to find a cheaper one and realizing that they were all pretty expensive, and at least the BG one is made in the USA and not China. If I'm going to spend a lot, I'd rather see it go to American made products.
  • I have the knickernappies one and I like it. It was cheaper and white which matched my plumbing better...
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