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Intro and GMD ?


Been lurking for a little while now. My son was born March 13th, and we've been CD'ing him since he was 2-3 weeks old

 Our current stash is

mostly GMD yellow edge prefolds

a couple yellow no closure fitteds

1 FB elite (I hate stuffing it)

1 BG4.0 (I like it well enough)

1 Kissa's fitted

1 Swaddlebees AI2. 


We really like our prefolds, and will probably keep our stash mainly those. I still think that it would be a good idea to keep some diapers around for babysitters that may be a little cloth reluctant. I was initially thinking of more of the GMD fitteds, but since those are sized I wasn't sure if the cost would be worth it. It seems that the BG4.0 would actually be a bit cheaper. I was also considering trying to keep our stash mainly natural fibers for washing/stink purposes.

 Thoughts? BG4.0 or Workhorses?

 We're also a little ways off still, but do you prefer the GMD mediums (red), or wide babies (white)? 

Re: Intro and GMD ?

  • Wide baby. The red didn't fit long. But girls tend to be wider as well. The workhorses would prob still be affordable even if they're sized.

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  • I love BG 4.0s. You can stuff them with your yellow edge prefolds instead of the microfiber they come with to avoid MF stink. (I had stink issues only with my inserts until I switched to stuffing with flats. My BG shells never stank.)

    Regarding red vs wide, I have only used the reds. They have fit DD for about a year, though I moved up to a toddler size snappi a couple months ago. I think the wide baby size would be a little short in the rise for her at this point.

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  • BG4.0, and they have some on seconds sale at cottonbabies right now so they are close to the same cost as the workhorse($11).  You can stuff them with the prefolds you already have in advance of a sitter coming over.  
  • oooo! I didn't know about the seconds sale. We will probably pick a few of those up then! Thanks!

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