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Car-free moms

How did you get your newborn around town?

I assume its too much hassle to use a stroller with a carrier attached - too heavy. I'd quite possibly have a heart attack before making it up the subway stairs. 

Is there a certain stroller that's better for bringing baby around the city? Or do most people here wear their newborn while out and about? 

Also, where do you change baby when there is no changing table in the nasty nasty bathrooms? Most of my suburban friends just run out to the parking lot and change the tot in the car. 

 What to do?

EDD 9/3/13

Re: Car-free moms

  • Hi, not sure if you will see this but I'm a mom of two wanted to share from my personal experience. For strollers depending on the age of your baby, the Uppababy Glux is a great umbrella stroller. It's pretty light weight and has a shoulder strap so you can go up and down stairs more easily. It also reclines pretty far back for naps. In the first few months, I think wearing the baby is the easiest for mommies and the babies love being so close to mommy.

    The diaper changes, I've managed to change on the stroller, most baby stores have great changing rooms, any fitting room, where ever there was a clean horizontal surface I've attempted. With a little creativity, you can manage without having to spend half an hour clorox wiping down a public bathroom.

    Hope this helps... Good luck!
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