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Ugh. . . constipation

 This is the third day I haven't been able to go. Crying

I tried to take a stool softener last night, and accidently took a stool softener plus senna laxative (they really shouldn't put that second part in such small print, like's it's not important). I paged the doctor on call and he said that's no big deal this early. So that's good. But I don't have a lot of confidence it will do anything, I'm used to taking 4 or 5 senna laxatives at a time (pre-pregnancy) to get any effect.

Any other tips? I know I'm supossed to eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water and believe me I do, I'm still stopped up.

If I still can't go by tomorrow I'm going to call the doctor again, what will they recommend at that point? Anyone had really bad constipation? How did it finally resolve?

Ugh, this sucks.

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Re: Ugh. . . constipation

  • Multi grain Cheerios have been my only saving grace this pregnancy.  I was never a "once a day" girl and now I am!  Feel better!

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  • I've battled on and off all pregnancy. I take two colace every morning to try to help keeping track. Sometimes even that doesn't work and I just have to be patient which sucks!!! Wish I had more advice for you. Good luck!!!
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  • image richzep:
    This has been my problem as early as a couple days after my transfer. After about 4 days of nothing I started to eat prunes. It took a couple days to take effect but its working. Now I just carry a bag of it in my purse and have 4 to 5 every day. Otherwise, I don't go. Hope you find something that works for you.

    This. Prunes work really well. I hope you find something that works for you soon. Constipation is the worst!!
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  • Dulcolax 2 tabs will blow you out little orange pills
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  • I took stool softeners pretty much every day of first tri and half of second tri...until my more current problem of pooping all the time started up.  Hang in there.
  • Eat prunes, or drink prune or plum juice (I find plum juice to taste much better), more water & fiber, also magnesium supplements help a lot (a side effect is softening the stool).  Good luck!

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  • Question:  are you taking probiotics?  They make a huge difference!!!  They don't necessarily resolve the constipation that is already a major problem, but they help you from having that issue in the first place.  
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    Vacation, break, second opinions, on to new RE.
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  • Juice,fruits and veggies. I did take Miralax between week 7 and 8. I also am a camel and drink water non-stop.

    Me 29/ DH 31 TTC = 11/11 HSG = Normal, LH = Low (almost normal) FSH = LOW, DHEA = HIGH SA = Normal 11/12: 50mg of Clomid = BFN 12/12: 50mg Clomid + Estrogen Patch +Progesterone (2x a day) = BFN 1/13: Benched - FU Cyst 1/31: Laparoscopy to remove cysts on right ovary 2/13: AF arrived(2/9)Trying on our own till April
  • image Morris811:

    Juice,fruits and veggies. I did take Miralax between week 7 and 8. I also am a camel and drink water non-stop.

    I second the Miralax. I had to take it every day pre-pregnancy and stopped when I got pregnant but my doctor said it's safe. So now I do Miralax and a colace here and there. Both safe per my OB.

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  • Ditto PP about taking probiotics. Also you may want to change your prenatal. Sometimes that helps.

    If you are okay with caffeine, I find that a latte helps too.
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  • Fiber One bars saved me!
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