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Swollen/Bruised Eyelid

A few weeks ago we noticed that DD's eyelid was swollen and bruised. It's on the upper and outside corner of her eye. Well, it seems to only be getting worse. I'm wondering if maybe it's a clogged gland or something? I have tried putting breastmilk on her eyelid and maybe I will try some warm compresses as well.

I have an appointment to have it checked out next Tuesday, but I was wondering if any of you have experienced this as well? It has persisted for so long it seems.

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Re: Swollen/Bruised Eyelid

  • DS woke up with a massively swollen eyelid a couple of months ago. Thank goodness our pedi is open on Saturdays! It was a clogged tear duct and eye drops cleared it up within a day.
  • C's eye gets swollen and goopy often. I keep bringing him back to the ped and she keeps saying it's normal and that if it stays that way at about a year then she can refer him to an ENT but before then I just have to keep putting warm compresses on it bec


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