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Pregnant after IF

~~PAIF Meds in high demand_OOP meds check in~~

Good Afternoon Ladies,

The OOP Meds Check in is designed to help those who have to pay out of pocket for IF treatment and medication connect with those of you who have left over, unopened and unused meds to donate. Every little bit counts, and every donation is greatly appreciated!

Please do not let unused meds go to waste. I have too often seen posts on how to dispose of unused expired meds.  And please do not let the fear of shipping refrigerated meds stop you from donating. It is simple to donate meds that need to stay cold. Place ice packs in the box you are shipping the meds in, it will keep them cold while in transport.

There are many women who need assistance without insurance coverage. Thank you to all who have generously donated their unused meds!

High demand Meds:

 ? Any and ALL stims are always in very high demand!!!

?HCG Triggers





?Vivelle patches/delestrogen 


 ? Femara


If you have meds to donate, email me at: [email protected] with:

?IRL first, last and nestie name

?Type of drugs and quantity available (units, vials, etc.)

?Expiration date of drugs *very important*

?The soonest date you are able to donate your meds

As soon as I have a match, I will email both of you to link you together, and from there you will exchange the appropriate information with your match. We truly appreciate any and all donations; every little bit makes a HUGE difference to those of us who are OOP!

*If you have any questions or comments concerning how this program is run PLEASE feel free to email me at [email protected] feedback in all forms is always much appreciated!

*If you have not heard from me in 24 hours please page me on the IF or IFV page.



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