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AW: NPAIF related love my pups!!!

I know I post about my pups alot but I think this is the cutest thing ever! Besides they are my first babies lol. We spayed our boxer a couple weeks ago and she got her stitches out Monday but can't say if it is related. But for last couple days she has taken over my dads dogs lion toy. It has now become her baby that has to go everywhere with her. She jumps off the couch to grab it and even ran back to living room from our bedroom downstairs bc she forgot it. It is soooooo precious!!!!

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Re: AW: NPAIF related love my pups!!!

  • Aww very cute!
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  • Awww!! So cute. We neutered our chihuahua a week ago, and he has been so cuddly ever since.
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    Awww!! So cute. We neutered our chihuahua a week ago, and he has been so cuddly ever since.

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