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Hey Ladies, I'm hoping some of you have had experience with this. I have my ER last Wednesday and they retrieved 26 eggs, 24 fertilized, and as of Monday, there were 10 between 7-9 cells. My transfer was scheduled for today at 3pm but I just got a call from the RE saying that there are only 7 left and they are all a day behind. He said they are all "grade 3 non-expanded blasts and not very pretty" he wants to wait until tomorrow to see if any of them catch up to where they are supposed to be. He didn't seem very optimistic though.

Anybody have any slow growing embryos that "caught up"by waiting another day?

Any success stories?

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Me 28 DH 32

TTC naturally 05/2011-10/2012= All BFNs

Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Clomid= BFN

IVF #1 scheduled for April 2013 Stims started 04/09 ER 04/19/2013- 26 Retrieved and 24 Fertilized 3 day Fert Report- 10 are 8 cell ET cancelled-all embryos arrested at day 3

IVF #2 scheduled for June 2013 -Transferred 1 day 5 Blast

07/04/2013 HPT- BFP! Beta 10dp5dt-35Beta 12dp5dt-82 Ultrasound 6 weeks 4 days- Heart rate 123bpm!!

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Team Green turned Team BLUE!!!

Baby M born premature at 33 weeks 5 days, he spent 22 days in the NICU before coming home!

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  • With my last cycle on day 5 I had one that was a Morula and one that was an early blast.  Neither were graded excellent, I think they were good/fair.  The early blast was frozen and they gave the Morula one more day to catch up since it was some
  • Both of mine that were being sent for testing were behind a day or two they caught up and were able to be tested and frozen. I am now 24 weeks with one of those two. I know it is hard but try to stay positive.
    TTC 1/2010 DH Dx - Azoospermia 2/2011
    Hysteroscopy 3/2011 2 Polyps removed 4/2011
    DH on Clomid / Arimidex to address hormonal issues - Sperm found July 2011!
    IVF #1 September 2011 - ER 9/8/2011- 8R, 5M - icsi - 1 made it to transfer - BFFN :-(
    IVF #2 Lucky November 2011 - ER 11/25/2011 - 15 eggs!, 13 mature, 10 fertilized with isci - 7 made it to transfer! Transferred 1 - 8 cell and 2 - 7 cell. BFP!!!!
    1st U/S - Twins! 2nd U/S - 3 heartbeats!!! - HOLY COW!!!
    Prayers for our take home babies!
    2 babies born on 3/27/12 and lost. Last baby born on 3/29/12 and lost at 20 weeks.
    My angels grew wings shortly after birth.
    Ahava Raisel, Matisyahu Nissim & Zev Chaim - Mommy and Daddy will always love you.
    IVF #3 July 2012 - ER 7/17/2012 - 10 R. 5 F. 4 made it to ET
    Transferred 2 on 7/20/2012 no snow babies :-(
    Beta on 7/31/2012 = BFMFN
    A miracle gift expected to come to us through adoption around 9/2012
    Baby girl adopted - Birth Mother changed her mind and took the baby back
    IVF #4 October 2012 - New RE. Doing PGD Testing. 8 R, 7F, 2 made it to 5 day blast for PDG testing. Both Normal (Thank you G-d!!!) 1 boy and 1 girl
    transferred one beautiful 5day blast (girl)
    Please G-d the almighty one - let this be our take home baby!
    Beta #1 158, Beta #2 318, 1 Absolutely magnificent HB at 175! Thank you G-d!!!
    Baby Girl born August 5th. Thank you G-d for our precious miracle.
    AMA. PAIF & SAIF always welcome - I need all the prayers I can get!

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