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Non cheesy baby shower games

Anyone know of any they've done before or that we're done at your shower? Or what your favorites are?

Re: Non cheesy baby shower games

  • The only game that I have heard of that didn't make me cringe was maybe doing celebrity baby name trivia.

    We didn't do games at mine-- my hostess assigned every guest a number before hand and she had me pull numbers out of a hat to hand out prize


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  • Trivia games with baby name to celebrity matching, baby trivia, etc. and baby shower bingo during gift opening are the least annoying games, in my experience.
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  • Bingo is the only one that does not make me roll my eyes and I enjoy it at bridal and baby showers...playing along makes watching the gifts even more fun. 
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  • image collers4:
    I prefer the indirect games. For example, everyone wears a clip of some sort and can't say the word "baby". If they
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