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Have my NT Scan today and am freaking.

This is when I found out that we had something wrong with our PAPP-A last time and then the close monitoring started. I'm just feeling really nervous about it and unfortunately, have to go alone because my DH can't get out of work and my Mom is at a conference. UGH!

I can't believe how freaked out I am. Doesn't help that I've been bleeding all week (old blood) from this subchorionic bleed either.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I'm just feeling a bit scared.

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Re: Have my NT Scan today and am freaking.

  • I don't know your story, what is your 1st DS's diagnosis?

    My son had a very serious issue with his brain shortly after birth and at this point it seems it was related to some sort of birth trauma/or distress in the womb prior to labor..anyhow I am SO SO SOOOO scared to have another baby, and I commend all you second time mama's who are embarking on that journey again. I will be TTC #2 soon and I can only imagine how scary it will all be! best wishes and good luck today!?

  • You're in my thoughts and prayers today!!!! That sucks you have to go it alone. I'm sure its all going to be fine!! 


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  • MrsKelly - My first pg was rough - I was on bedrest for 9 weeks after losing a twin because of a bleed and was in danger of losing Tucker as well. We found out that I had low placental protien at the NT Scan and then when Tuck was born, realized that he has a birth defect of his esophogus and wind pipe called a TE Fistula. He also has hypotonia. My umbilical cord was also not attached properly to my placenta and it was basically a miracle that my son was born alive.

    So, a little freaked to say the least about this pregnancy!!

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  • I'm sorry you're having a hard time.

    Sending lots of happy thoughts your way!   

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