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Cityscape OBGYN?

Hi Moms!  I'm newly pregnant and wondering if anyone has any positive or negative reviews of Cityscape OBGYN?


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  • I was a patient at Cityscape when I told my doctor I wanted to try to get pregnant.  She told me I was too old (43) and it would never happen.  Six months later when I was pregnant I had a difficult time getting an appointment to confirm it. The front desk staff was never helpful. Then my first few visits involved long waits for doctors who spent very little time with me.  I switched practices at about 13 weeks.  I've heard many women like these doctors but I was very unhappy. 
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    I have been using this practice for 5 years, as a GYN patient, and am now well into my third tri-mester. I've been fairly happy there, but keep in mind that you have to rotate through all 4 doctors and you are never going to have the same opinion about all 4 docs. They have a policy that no news is good news so if you have a test, and it's good news they don't call, they only call if there is a problem. You can always call and leave a message for a nurse. They do call back within an hour or two, and are helpful. All in all I'm comfortable with the level of care, but I wouldn't say I love it there. As a GYN patient I will go back to seeing the doctor I like best.

    If you are looking for an all female practice, this is an advantage.  

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  • We used Cityscape, and were very happy with ALMOST all of the doctors... They were all wonderful, except for Dr. Soskin!  She was rough with the physical exam, and didn't seem to have the time of day for us.  Fortunately she was not on call when our daughter was born.  Except for Dr. Soskin, though, I would highly recommend the practice.
  • Hi again!  So I ended up choosing Cityscape and I'm a bit confused... hoping some experienced mom patients can help me out!  :)   My first appt was a couple weeks ago, to "confirm the pregnancy".  While I was there, I only briefly met with the dr. (who did a pelvic exam, gave me vitamin samples) and had my blood and urine samples taken.  I began asking some hospital-related and other "longer term" questions that a 1st time pregnancy might bring up, and the dr. told me at that point that once the pregnancy was confirmed, I'd come back in 2 weeks for my "first OB appointment", which would be "the longest of the appointments" ad that they would give me "lots of information and answer all my questions at that time".  Since you rotate doctors within the practice and my "first OB appt" is tomorrow, I called the office today to inquire which dr. I'd be seeing, and the receptionist informed me that I would be seeing only the sonogram technician for a sonogram.  Does this sound right to anyone who has been to this practice?  (My appointment tomorrow is my 8 week appt.)  I was under the impression from my prior "confirmation" appointment and from speaking to the receptionist who originally scheduled me 8 wk appt for tomorrow that I'd be seeing a doctor tomorrow, so now I'm totally confused.

    Help?   Confused

  • I've been going to Cityscape OBGYN since about 2007 for my annual appointments. My original doctor left a few years ago and I've seen the NP Catherine Quinn several times and I saw Dr. Soskin for one exam. I just found out last Friday that I'm pregnant and now I need to decide on an OB. Does anyone have any advice? What happened with y
  • Hi there, I am the original poster of this thread and stayed with Cityscape.  I unfortunately miscarried my first pregnancy but am currently 22w pregnant for the second time and so far have found Cityscape's office fine.  I can't speak to the last half of pregnancy issues or delivery since I haven't gotten that far yet, but so far I've met each of the OB doctors and have had a pretty good experience.  It's like any big NYC dr's office in that they run late for appointment and are always in a hurry, but they do take the time to answer questions if you have them prepare for your appointment.  I considered switching offices after I miscarried but after researching a few different options, I realized that most large practices will have the same issues, so I decided to stay.  PM me if you have any specific questions I might be able to answer!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy, btw!!!  :)
  • @giggler25‌ how did the rest of your pregnancy go? Were you satisfied with Cityscape? I'm newly pregnant and looking for a new doctor that accepts GHI. Congrats!
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    @giggler25‌ how did the rest of your pregnancy go? Were you satisfied with Cityscape? I'm newly pregnant and looking for a new doctor that accepts GHI. Congrats!
    Hi, so sorry for the delayed response here!  Things have been hectic with an infant so I haven't been on here much.  ;)  The rest of my pregnancy was fine in terms of health issues, and in terms of Cityscape the second half was much like the first.  I did have one or two scares that turned out to be nothing and Cityscape was great about getting me in right away to get checked out.  I had a really tough delivery and I will say that I think having Dr. Rosenberg as my attending OB really saved me from having an emergency c-section.  I'm not sure that other OBs would have given me as much time to try for a vaginal delivery and would have been as skilled in using a vacuum assist at the last minute.  (If for some reason you're interested in the gory details you can read my birth story on my blog which is linked in my siggy.)  Given all this, I was satisfied with my experience at Cityscape.  However, to be honest I'm still on the fence about whether or not I will return to that office if/when it's time for baby #2 and for general Gyn appts (based on office staff being less than friendly, the long wait times, and really not liking one of the four OBs at the practice).  But again, all other large offices will likely have some or all of these same cons, which is why I say I'm on the fence.

    Good luck to you and congrats!!!
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