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Benjamin has arrived!

Those of you on Facebook know, but I figured I'd announce here, too. Our son, Benjamin Cooper was born last Tuesday morning. He was 7lbs, 9oz, 20.9" and is pretty darn adorable ;) Big sister loves him and his first week has been great!

His birth story is a little crazy. I wrote out a long version but I'll spare you that and give you the (somewhat) abridged version:

I woke up at 12:30am to a contraction and they began coming regularly in 10 minute intervals. After an hour or so, they picked up slightly so we called my ILs to get them to our place to watch Bailey and my doctor said to come in since I wanted an epidural. Once I got to my feet, it seemed like my contractions were weakening and I was worried it was a false alarm. I even sat on the couch and contemplated waiting for a while but instead we just headed to the hospital to see what was going on. I had three intense contractions on the ride there, one in the parking lot and the waddled in pain to L&D. Once I got to triage, (where everyone was taking their sweet time despite my obvious pain with each contraction) I was hooked up to the monitors and she asked me a million questions. Finally, after a particularly painful and long contraction, the nurse called for the OB resident. Once she got there, she checked me and I thought she was having trouble determining if I was even dilated because it was taking her so long. Then she said, "Uh, yeah, she's at an 8...100% effaced". At first I was excited that I had made so much progress but then I was immediately worried I wouldn't have time for an epidural which was the closest thing to a "birth plan" I had. The nurse nodded and I'm fairly certain they're told to tell all women "yes" no matter the truth to avoid a major freak out. They wheeled me to the delivery room and I was terrified. Once in the room, they asked me to switch beds and the second I hit the delivery room bed, I felt intense pressure. I explained what I was feeling but everyone told me to relax and one nurse was trying to prep my arm for the IV. I, however, knew exactly what I was feeling and immediately started crying, freaking out and saying over and over how scared I was. They kept trying to reassure me that I was fine, until I screamed that I had to push. They checked me and judging by their reactions and what I was feeling, I knew an epidural wasn't possible. I lost it and was freaking out about having to deliver naturally. Everyone tried to calm me down but I was totally "that" woman who was screaming and crying. I wish I could say I was the kind of person to keep my composure in that moment, but nope. Finally after a minute or two, something in my brain clicked and I knew I just had to do it. I focused on pushing instead of my fears and he was out a minute later. So, only  five minutes after I got into the delivery room, my son was on my chest, wailing and screaming and it was the most amazing moment. I just stared at him, crying in awe of his arrival and just how he had arrived! In hindsight, a med-free birth wasn't that bad and the fear of doing it against my wishes was worse than actually delivering. I'm kind of grateful it happened so that I can say I experienced it, but fairly certain I'd never voluntarily do it! I'm just so glad I didn't wait at home any longer or else he'd probably have been delivered in the car on the side of 83!

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Someone's getting a little brother!
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Re: Benjamin has arrived!

  • Omg!!! What an amazing birth story! You are a rockstar!! So what time was he born (how long after that first contraction at 12:30am)?

    I hope everything is going well at home! Is T back at work now?


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  • What an amazing birth story! Definitely glad you didn't wait at home. Congratulations again on the birth of Benjamin.



  • Congrats Mella!! Been thinking about you and wondering if you had delivered! Ahmazing birth story! And love, love the name!
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  • Congrats!  I can't wait to see pictures. 
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  • Congrats! You did it! I had a pain-med free birth, but I had planned for it. I'm sure it was scary for you when things did not go as planned. It sounds like the fear was the worst part.
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  • wow, what a birth story!! I'm glad you went to the hospital when you did lol. Congratulations - love the name!

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  • I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if your LO had arrived.

    Congrats and kudos to you!   

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  • Whoa that is crazy!! Go mama! He is soooooooo cute......I hope you are having fun adjusting to two! Congrats again!
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  • Congrats!!!

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  • Wow that's a story!! Congrats mama!
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  • Way to go mama!!!  Congratulations, and welcome to the world Benjamin!
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  • Congratulations and welcome Baby Benjamin!  Your birth story sounds eerily similar to what I went through with DS - now you can say you experienced both, way to go mama!
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  • Congrats again Melissa, he is beyond adorable and you are a rock star!
  • OMG!  What a story!! Congratulations and I can't wait to see pictures.
  • Awesome story!  Glad that it was quick for you.  You rock!
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  • That's amazing!  It sounds like you did a great job.  Congratulations on the birth of your son!
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  • ras26ras26
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    Congratulations!  You're awesome unexpectedly going med-free!!  Welcome to Baby Benjamin. 
    Baby Girl #2 is on her way!
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  • Congratulations!!  Jealous of the quick delivery time!
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  • Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your birth story! I also had a med-free birth (that was planned). It was amazing, because I wanted it that way! I can only imagine the fear- I prepared for a long time to psych myself up for a natural birth - doing it on the fly without preparation would be challenging. Glad everything turned out well!!
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  • Congratulations! And way to go! Welcome little baby Benjamin. :)



  • That's so exciting! Congratulations! And I would have probably freaked out just as bad  :)  

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