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Graduation Day!!

I just left the RE, and they released me! Baby is still measuring about 6 days behind at 7w1d. Last weeks heart rate was 118, today was 151! RE was pleased with everything and set me free!! However, I have to take dumb crinone for an extra week! Boo! Anyway I am not going to worry for now because everything is ok!!
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Re: Graduation Day!!

  • Yippie!!! Congrats on hitting this big milestone.
    Married 8/14/10 * TTC since Aug 2010 * Met with RE in Feb 2012 * DH: low motility, low sperm count, elevated FSH * Me: Stage 4 Endometriosis * Laparotomy to remove endo in May 2012 * June 2012 - DH on Rx to hopefully increase count/quality * Re-tested sperm 10/22/12, count/quality have both dropped * IVF #1 w/ICSI * Transferred 2 beautiful embryos on 2/18/13 * Beta #1 3/1/13 - 636!!! Beta #2 3/3/13 - 1796!!! First ultrasound scheduled for 3/18/13 Image and video hosting by TinyPic birthday2012_small Anniversary
  • Thanks I am still in a little bit of shock!
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  • Congrats!!
    6 m/c
    Anovulatory cycles, increased Synthroid Diagnosed Sep 2010
    Natural cycle Dec 2010 BFP M/C 6 1/2 Weeks, D&E Jan 2011
    1 Clomid/Ovidrel BFN May 2011
    Natural cycle Aug 2011 BFP M/C 4 Weeks
    1 IUI Sept 2011 BFP M/c 7 weeks
    Provera Dec 2011 BFP M/C 3 Weeks
    DQ ALPHA HLA MATCH, High NK Cells Diagnosed Dec 2011
    IVF March 2012 BFP m/c 4weeks 5 days (IL, Prednisone)
    IVF#2w/DS July 2012 MEGA FAILURE BFN (IL, Dexamethasone)
    Diagnosed No real HLA Match, DQ Beta Triad, High TNF, Low NK Cells
    Oct 2012 Natural Cycle m/c 4wks (Lovenox, Prednisone) 
    Went to Beer Center- high tnf, low lad, implantation failure
    Nov/Dec 2012 LIT Treatment
    Dec 12 Humira
    Jan 2013 BFP
    Humira,LIT,Prednisone, Lovenox, IVIG, Baby Aspirin
    Miracle Born August 2013 Premature

    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


    Lilypie - (ugiy)

  • txcavtxcav member
    Yay, exciting day!! So happy for you!
    Me:31 one blocked tube. DH:37 Perfection.
    March-June 2012: Au Naturale. No Luck
    July-November 2012: Letrazole. No Luck
    December 2012: Au Naturale. No Luck
    January 2013: Menopur & IUI
    IUI on 01-16-13. AF arrived day 11, BFN!!
    BCPs, 10 units Lupron started 2/20, Follistim & Menopur begin 3/2
  • Congrats!  Great news!
    Can't figure out the signature thing, so here's the short, short version.....first daughter born on November 10, 2013. She was conceived through the magic of IVF after 2+ years of TTC.
  • Awesome!  Congrats
    TTC since April 2008

    me- Everything looks good
    DH- diagnosed Azoo during cancer diagnosis 2010

    --Finally chose to use a donor 2012
    First IUI August 2012 (clomid and Ovidrel)-BFN

    Second IUI September 2012 same protocol-BFN

    Third IUI October 2012 higher clomid dose, Ovidrel-BFN

    IVF #1- Started stims 01/21/2013, Antaganist protocal
    ER 02/04/2012. CHnaged to a FET sometime in March...

  • Yea! Congrats! :)
    4/12: HSG All Clear
    5-1-12: DX of PCOS
    5-4-12: DH S/A all normal.
    5-16-12: Offically start IUI#1-->Clomid(50mg) + Trigger + IUI + progesterone supplements=BFN
    IUI #2-same treatment-->BFN
    July IUI#3-same treatment--->BFN
    Aug 22, 2012-Laparoscopy Found/Removed extensive endometreosis.
    September 2012-IUI #4-Same treatment as before. BFN
    October 2012-forced break/Surgery to remove abnormal cells in left breast.
    November 2012-First Injects Cycle (IUI #5)! 225IU Follistim CD 3-5, then monitoring appointment. 20+ follier & e2 >2000-Mild OHSS
    December 2012-#2 Injects + IUI#6): Beta 1/18/13-BFN!
    Jan 2013-Starting IVF!!! BC starts Jan 17/Lupron on Feb 13/Stims on Feb 18/ER on March 1 IVF Protocol: Lupron 10 units in am until stimms. Then 5 units of Lurpon in am, 150iu of Follistim and 1 unit of Menopur in pm. Holding dosage throughtout since response has been great. Thought we would be freeze all due to OHSS, but ended up getting more follicles then expected! 14 total!!! 12 mature and 11 fertilized. Dr calls for a 5 day transfer!! :) Will freeze remaining.
    With Love & Strength, Hope Grows!
    WHEN, not IF!!!
  • Yay! Congrats! :)
    Married Sept 2008
    ~~TTC Nov 2010~~

    IUI #2: 1/21/13-100mg Clomid(CD3-7)(8M post wash) + progesterone= BFP!! EDD 10/13/13
    Beta #1=81.1 Beta #2=134.5 Beta #3=58.1 #4=2369 WTH?!-Not sure if its viable
    2/21/13 - Went to RE expecting the worse and saw the flutter of the heart.To God be the Glory!!
    5/29 - It's a Girl!!
    8/21/13 - Naomi born at 32w3d by csection due to Pre-E
    ~~PAIF/SAIF Welcome~~ 
    imagephoto A789AD50-EAFE-4955-A617-02358EF02DBE_zpsbxkk1n87.jpg
    My Wonder Woman!

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