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Chevy chase,md

Hi. We have a remote chance of moving because of dh's job. The company is in Chevy chase MD which I know absolutely nothing about.

Can anyone tell me anything about this town or recommend another town somewhat nearby maybe within 45 minutes or so?

Our biggest requirement is excellent schools. After that I suppose we would be looking for a nice town with decent restaurants, things to do etc. we generally like newer homes. Big lots/ land aren't that important to us.

Any insight would be amazing.

I'm definetely putting the cart before the horse but I cant help but start to research.


Re: Chevy chase,md

  • Chevy Chase is one of the "richest" areas in MD. I love it there but I live in Baltimore. I frequent Chevy Chase to shop and eat! It's on the outskirts of DC and there's just so much there. Beautiful homes, beautiful shopping I.e. Georgetown, close to Tys
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