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XP: mum mums and puffs?

When did you start with mum mums and puffs for your LO? And is there a point in giving them--do they have nutritional value/teach LO anything (like chewing)? Or are they just snacks?


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Re: XP: mum mums and puffs?

  • If you give LO puffs to pick up on their own, it helps fine motor skills. I don't remember how old R was--probably 7-8 months
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  • I think we offered them around the same time as 6-7 months ish.  IMO they're kind of junk food for babies.  Do I still buy them?  well...yea lol.  Actually I stopped buying puffs because we just offer cheerios or other whole grain cereals, but I do still get mum mums and keep a couple in the diaper bag.  They're a really good quick distraction snack.
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  • They are just snacks, overpriced ones at that. Sure they help with fine motor development, but other things do too, like coloring. Or going outside and letting LO pick up leaves.

    IMO they are basically baby junk food. 

  • We never did mum mums and puffs.

    We did BLW, so we just gave my son the same foods we ate and he has "advanced fine motor skills" according to his State Assessment from daycare (DRDP), so they're not necessary to development of anything.  I don't think they teach chewing, because the selling point is that they dissolve in the mouth - right?  (That's a real question, because as I said, we didn't use them).

    Some do have nutritional value, because they're made with fruits and/or veggies, but again, I don't know enough about them know how much they have.  And my kid loves fruit and vegetables, so I didn't need to worry about alternatives.

    In general I think they're just snacks that some parents find easy because from what I've heard, kids love them.   Personally, I think they're overpriced because they're made "especially for babies" and I hate that marketers do things like that to parents.  As an alternative, we did brown rice cakes with no sodium, which are also easy to carry around and priced more reasonably since they're not aimed at a specific target audience.

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  • I believe we introduced puffs at 8 or 9 months. It could've been earlier. We use them as a snack and sometimes I add it to his breakfast. Like, this morning LO have blueberries, cut up banana and puffs mixed together. I gave them to him originally to transition LO into learning how to eat finger foods.
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  • We started giving them to our DS around 8-9 months. DS had a hard time switching to solids that puffs were great because they dissolved in his mouth.
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