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I have read numerous articles that an alkaline diet helps decrease cancer growth since cancer prefers an acidic environment.  Is anyone here on an alkaline diet and if so, any recipes you can share?


Me: 33, DH: 32

TTC: 2 years
Fertility blood tests all normal
Tilted uterus
3 day ultrasound 17 follicles
HSG: 11/13/13- tubes open
DH SA: SUPER sperm (145 million, 84% motility, 22% morphology)
All infection disease and immunity blood tests NORMAL
FIRST IUI May 2014: 100 mg Clomid days 5-9, third ultrasound CD 13 revealed four follicles 27, 24 and 20 and 13mm. Trigger shot May 28 with IUI May 29 and 30 (fingers crossed) - BFN started spotting 11DPO :(

IUI #2 B2B 6/23 and 6/24, three mature eggs and 130 million sperm! FX this is the month!  BFN 7/8

3rd cycle benched due to cysts - TI with OPK tests -  BFN

3rd mediated cycle: Clomid+Trigger+TI  (three follies left side, one on right as usual....what the hell right ovary get it together and produce some damn follicles!) 7DPO progesterone level 43 with NO suppositories YAY for a natural strong ovulation. Beta canceled started spotting 13DPO - Third time is not a CHARM! 14 day cycle WTF! Everything looks normal - RE wants to start injectables next cycle so this cycle I'm benched

Officially benched until March....but still plan on trying the baking soda douche due to my excessive and thick CM



Love this man....he was so before his time in his thoughts and ideas about the world....been obsessed about him lately bringing it back to the early 90s.


Never thought I would like long hair....


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