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bitchy girl work

I just need to vent and you guys are so nice :/

So I'm only 6 weeks along and my manager ALWAYS says I'm showing so much and I'm so big etc etc. I'm only 120 lbs and 4 ft 11. I'm a little chubby but cmon. she says it in front of customers too and even suggested I may be having twins. :/

End vent.

Re: bitchy girl work

  • Girl don't feel bad, I only weighed 100 lbs when I got pregnant so I started showing early and my boss insisted on telling me how fat I was getting every day. Even came back one morning when I was eating breakfast and said I was eating like hog. It will g

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  • wow i can't believe your boss is being such a ***. :( i'm sorry to hear that. I know its hard but try to ignore her the best you can or try to talk to her about it professionally 

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  • Actually I do think that when they do that, it's a form of harassment or something? I remember reading something a while back about it...

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