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Bucktown Babies?

Anyone in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area? I need recommendations for childcare and pediatricians.

 Due in June. thx.

Re: Bucktown Babies?

  • I am. ?

    Childcare- good luck with this. ?We've been on waitlists for daycares since I was in my first trimester (and some places just laughed and wouldn't even take our name for a waitlist). ?My son was born in October and we aren't expected to get in anywhere until possibly summer or early next fall. ?We are opting to go with a nanny now.

    Pediatrician- we go to Town & Country Pediatrics (near North/Clyborn intersection).?

  • Like PP, we go to Town and Country Pediatrics.  I like most everyone I've met, and they are open 7 days a week.

     I am in Wrigleyville and I found a daycare 3 blocks from my house using the EAP program at my company.  There are also websites through the state where you can find out names/numbers of licensed facilities--I used initially in my search--as well as just doing some random google searches.  I found a variety of in-home daycares (more openings there) and a few larger centers that had waitlists in my neighborhood. 

     I found several that were further north, but that is unlikely to work for you.

     Best of luck!

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