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Paleo/Primal brag

Health Basics check at work today...

A couple years ago when I was eating the recommended "healthy diet", i.e. low fat with lots of whole grains, my Triglycerides were 93.
Now that I eat paleo or primal about 75% of the time, they were so low they didn't even give me an exact number, just "below 45".
And my HDL good cholesterol has risen over 20 points!
My LDL bad cholesterol was low enough that it didn't even register on their test.

I've become healthier by doing the exact OPPOSITE of what "they", i.e. virtually all government health and nutrition guidelines, recommend. Woot!
Additional fact worth mentioning: I haven't had a migraine in over 2 years! 

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Re: Paleo/Primal brag

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