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New Mom-to_be in Puyallup

Hello Puyallup-ers,

I'm a new mom-to-be living in Puyallup. This was an unplanned pregnancy, I'm single and though I live with my sister who has been through this before, it would be nice to connect with other moms-to-be who can be there emotionally for me and I can be there for. I am trying to overcome morening sickness while working and going to school. Like I said, I live with my sister, but her "baby" is 17 and things have changed since then. I would like to get out of the house a couple times a month even if it's just to chat about fears, excitements, anything at all, really. It would be nice to connect to moms-to-be who are going through the same things as me and can relate.Hope to hear from you all soon.

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  • Welcome to the Seattle Babies board! 

    I live in Seattle, but I am thinking about moving to Bainbridge Island. 

     I am involved with a couple of mommy groups on 

    But when I was pregnant,, I was on a lot of the birth month, trimester, and other pregnancy boards on  I feel like I gained so much knowledge just going through the pregnancy with other mothers to be. 

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  • Hello!  Welcome to the board!  I'm in the south end, too.  When's your EDD?
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  • My EDD is 11/19/13. What about you?

  • Welcome, I also live in Puyallup.  I'm pregnant with #2, my first turned 3 in March.  I'm due November 1st. 
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  • imagektedmon:
    My EDD is 11/19/13. What about you?

    How are you feeling? 

    Boy 10.6.13
    Labored at freestanding birth center using hypnobirthing techniques
    Delivered via csection
  • ktedmonktedmon member
    At 11 wks and 3 days, I am starting to feel better, but today has me sick again. I'm fine with being sick if the bleeding would just stop. I've already been to the hospital twice for excessive bleeding and "threatened miscarriage", but just spotting now. I have my us on Friday and I'm looking forward to that for a little piece of mind. So far the other us have been fine, but they were almost weekly and by the time I'll have this one, it will have been almost 3 weeks. My doctor has spoiled me.
  • Hi there Momma's!

    Just wanted to *briefly* introduce myself.  My name is Vanessa.  I am a trained birth doula and I am working on my DONA certification.  I am looking to accept clients with upcoming due dates at very affordable rates.  I truly believe that every woman/family that would like to have a doula, should get that opportunity.  I live in Enumclaw and will travel locally (Puyallup, Auburn, Tacoma, Renton, Federal Way).  

    There is a little bit more info about myself if you check out my profile, or just e-mail me at [email protected]



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