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happy happy happy

we discussed the jumperoos this morning... and I said I wanted eggs benedict.. (there is a connection I swear)

He runs to store for ingredients... and on the way he stopped at Kmart to buy a jumperoo.... scored this one http://www.amazon.com/Bright-Starts-Critters-Activity-Jumper/dp/B003LQVZQ8 ....

FOR $15.99!!!!!  BRAND NEW!!!!!!!! 

They are on clearance (not advertised) apparently.... the cashier even checked with the manager cuz it was so ridiculously cheap

SHE I S LOVING IT.... and I used the tip to use the Wii fit board to get her to the right height

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Re: happy happy happy

  • Damn!! Sweet deal. I wish they still had Kmarts around our parts.


    ETA: I love the Duck Dynasty reference in the title :) 

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  • Lol! That looks like our 100 dollar little Einstein jumper but much cooler and WAY cheaper! Such an amazing find!!!
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