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funny story...kind of

So, H really wanted to go to this national working dog championship this weekend. Basically it's a dog show of really well trained dogs. It's 4 hours away, so we decided to go down last night so we don't have to drive 8 hours today. This morning we go to the place it's supposed to be and no one is there. Apparently H mixed up the date and it's next weekend. Ha. So we totally just wasted a weekend. Oh well. We stopped at some historical attractions on the way, so it's still a fun little road trip. No more trip planning for H haha. I will do some confirming next time! Now for the 4 hour drive back home...

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  • Oh my, that Is pretty funny! I bet it was still nice to have some time away though!
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  • Good planning DH ha ha :)
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  • imagekiraliz2:
    LOL! How was LO on the road?

    She did really good.  The trip down she started to get si

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